Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) condemns the execution sentence for Mr. Yaghub Mehrnahad, a fellow Baluchi blogwriter

Last week the Iranian judiciary system sentenced Mr. Yaghub Mehrnahad, the writer of “Mehrnahad” blog ( to death. Mr. Mehrnahad’s trial happened after 10 months of incarceration and in the absence of his lawyer, his family and without a jury.

Mr. Mehrnahad is the head of “Voice of Justice” youth association, which promotes concerts and other legal activities allowed by Iranian law . He was arrested with no given reason after participating in a question and answer meeting, where the governor of Zahedan was also present. His family and his lawyer were able to meet him after 5 months and observed signs of sever torture. He had lost about 15 kilograms and could not maintain his balance.

Execution order for Mr. Mehrnahad that sets precedence for execution of blogwriters for expressing their views. In Iran, any different view is confronted with inhumane sentences such as flogging, mutilation of legs and arms and execution for false reasons such as “ acting against the national security”, “ relations with foreigners and opposition groups”.

The Association of Iranian Blog Writers (Penlog) asks for an immediate stop to the execution order for Mr. Mehrnahad. Penlog urges the human rights organizations not to remain silent against this new wave of oppression of blogwriters and activists in Iran and try to stop the execution of Mr. Mehrnahad in any possible way.

The Association of Iranian Blog Writers (Penlog)
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

(PENLOG) pleades with all human rights organizations and in particular the United Nations Commissioner for the refugees to take actions

The Iranian weblog-writers association (PENLOG) pleades with all human rights organizations and in particular the United Nations Commissioner for the refugees to take actions to ensure the safety of Kyanoush Sanjari, the Iranian political activist, weblog writer and a member of PENLOG who was forced to illegally escape Iran for the fear of further persecution and re-imprisonment.
Kyanoush is reported to be in hiding in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and is in a very poor condition.
PENLOG is concerned that due to the Islamic regime's agents' infiltration of Iraqi regions, there is a real threat to Kyanoush's life or an attempt to force him to return to Iran for further torturous interrogations by the Islamic regime prison authorities.PENLOG therefore, pleads with all human rights organisations and institutions tp help secure Kyanoush's safety and his asylum seeking.
The Iranian weblog-writers association - PENLOG


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dear Sir/Madame

The Association of Iranian Blog writers (Penlog) has learnt that Ms, Simin Khalatbari Azad whose Blog is at, an Iranian asylum seeker and a Penlog member, is on the verge of being extradited to Iran where, upon her arrival, she will most certainly be arrested by the Iranian authorities and her life will be in grave danger. Ms Simin Khalatbari Azad is a blog-writer who is widely known within the blogsphere for having been a political prisoner in Iran and by her pictures which are available on the Internet. A great number of blog-writers who live in Iran have been arrested and prosecuted. Some of the famous cases include Mohamad Reza Nasab-Abdullahi, Mojtaba Samiee, Kianoush Sanjari and Arash Sigarchi. These people lived in Iran and the regime could trace their identities. The fact that Ms Simin Khalatbari Azad is known by her real name and has been in contact with the opposition further increases the risk to her life. According to the Geneva Convention of 1951 and the non-refoulement article of the international asylum seekers act, passed in 1951 and its protocol, the Belgium government has agreed to protect asylum seekers who are at risk of persecution, by refraining from extraditing them back to the countries they escaped from. We urge the Belgium authorities to observe the International asylum seekers conventions and protect Ms Khalatbari Azad and her child, who will most certainly be arrested upon arrival if they are returned to Iran.

Sincerely Yours
Association of Iranian Blog writers (Penlog)


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Association of Iranian Blog-writers (Penlog) celebrates the International Women's Day on 8th March

The Association of Iranian Blog-writers (Penlog) celebrates the International Women's Day on 8th March and supports the women's struggle for equality and their fight against oppression and discrimination, particularly in Iran .
The AIB (Penlog) marks this day and brings to the attention of all human rights organisations and activists the continuous violation ofIranian women's rights and calls for their help to end violenceagainst women and abolition of all gender discrimination laws in Iran .Thirty-three Iranian women activists including Blog-writers ParastooDoKohi and Asieh Amini have been arrested at a peaceful gathering,which was violently attacked by the regime's forces in front of theRevolution Court in Tehran . They had gathered there to protest there-arrest and unfair trial of women activists who had previouslyprotested against the state oppression of women; the discriminatoryand anti-women laws of the Islamic Republic; and violence by theregime's forces.
The violence against women is a global tragedy and the murdering ofthe Pakistani minister for not wearing the Islamic Hijab and the rapesof Iraqi women in Iraqi prisons by the state forces are some examplesof state-sanctioned and sponsored violence against women in the worldtoday.Penlog condemns all violence and discriminations against women anddemands the immediate release of the thirty-three arrested women in Iran .

The Association of Iranian Blog-writers (Penlog)


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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Association of Iranian Blog-writers (Penlog) condemns the continuation of Ahmad Batebi's arrest

The Association of Iranian Blog-writers (Penlog) condemns the continuation of Ahmad Batebi's arrest and demands his immediate release from the care of the prison’s authorities to receive immediate and adequate medical treatment.

According to the latest reports, Ahmad Batebi’s condition has drastically deteriorated because of the torture and mistreatment he has received, whilst in prison, and since his re-arrest several months ago.

He is reported to have suffered a stroke and been in a coma for several hours. According to reports, he is presently at the inadequate and ill-equipped Shohada hospital in North of Tehran. The authorities have so far refused to transfer him to a better hospital for proper and adequate treatment.

Last year two Iranian prisoners of conscience, Akbar Mohamadi and Valiullah Feiz-Mahdavi died as the result of the tortures and mistreatments they received whilst in the care of the Islamic Republic’s prison authorities.

We appeal to the international community, all the human rights organisations and activists to take notice of the plight of the Iranian prisoners of conscience and to take action for the release of Ahmad Batebi.

We appeal to the human rights organisations of the United Nations and the European Union to take further notice of the systematic violation of human rights in Iran. We demand that the continuation of the Islamic Republic’s membership of the United Nation must be on the condition that the Islamic Republic respects all the human rights of the Iranian people according to the United Nation’s International Convention on Human Rights.

The Association of Iranian Blog-writers
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Statement of the Association of Iranian Bloggers (Penlog) concerning brutal execution of Hojjat Zamani and start of massacre of political prisoners in Iran

The Association of Iranian Bloggers (Penlog) denounces the brutal execution of Mr. Hojjat Zamani, Political Prisoner, and warns the world about the beginning of another massacre by the Iranian Government. Elham Afrootan, a 20-years old Journalist from Hormozgan Province, who mistakenly had published an article from a blog in a local paper, is in hospital , in coma. In the past two days seven people in Ahvaz and three in Tehran have been sentenced to death. Authorities of Gohardasht Prison in Karaj (Rajayi Shahr) have blatantly warned the prisoners that if the Iran’s case goes to the Security Council, they will be executed one by one.

Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog), according to its charter, defends the right of freedom of expression for all political prisoners including jailed journalists and bloggers and expresses concern over the re-start of execution of political prisoners in Iran.

Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) urges the Human Rights organizations to send delegates to Iran to evaluate the situation Political Prisoners and not let them fall victims to the Iranian government’s vengeance.

We ask the United Nations not to ignore the serious abjure of Human Rights in Iran and to condition Iran’s membership in UN to complete observance of the articles of Universal Human Rights Declaration.

Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog)
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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) respects the freedom of speech for reporters and blogwriters and condemns the hysterical attacks on the Western Embassies.

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) condemns the attacks in Tehran to the embassies of Western countries such as Norway, Denmark and England to protest publication of the cartoons in a Danish newspaper.

The attackers are none other than the thugs who receive their orders from the same agent provocateurs who have hijacked and ceased power in Iran . Under the protection of the tyrannical Iranian government, they violently and atrociously attack all peaceful protestation gatherings organized by the Iranian teachers, students, workers, nurses and women, in their endeavor for freedom and democracy.

In addition to condemning these atrocious attacks, Penlog condemns the violation of freedom of expression by the fundamentalist Islamic regime of Iran that is using the publication of the cartoons by the Danish paper, some four months after their publication, as a means to distract the mounting international pressure on itself.

The tyrannical government of Iran violates the freedom of expression in Iran by censoring and filtering the Internet and by arresting, flogging, imprisoning and torturing the Iranian blogwriters who simply express their opinions.

We appeal to the international community to mount pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect the freedom of expression, human rights and to unconditionally release all the blogwriters and political prisoners in Iran. We appeal to the United Nations not to undermine the serious abuse of human rights in Iran and precondition Iran's membership in the United Nations to observation of the basic human rights in Iran as stated in the Human Rights Declaration.

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog)
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