Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) condemns the execution sentence for Mr. Yaghub Mehrnahad, a fellow Baluchi blogwriter

Last week the Iranian judiciary system sentenced Mr. Yaghub Mehrnahad, the writer of “Mehrnahad” blog ( to death. Mr. Mehrnahad’s trial happened after 10 months of incarceration and in the absence of his lawyer, his family and without a jury.

Mr. Mehrnahad is the head of “Voice of Justice” youth association, which promotes concerts and other legal activities allowed by Iranian law . He was arrested with no given reason after participating in a question and answer meeting, where the governor of Zahedan was also present. His family and his lawyer were able to meet him after 5 months and observed signs of sever torture. He had lost about 15 kilograms and could not maintain his balance.

Execution order for Mr. Mehrnahad that sets precedence for execution of blogwriters for expressing their views. In Iran, any different view is confronted with inhumane sentences such as flogging, mutilation of legs and arms and execution for false reasons such as “ acting against the national security”, “ relations with foreigners and opposition groups”.

The Association of Iranian Blog Writers (Penlog) asks for an immediate stop to the execution order for Mr. Mehrnahad. Penlog urges the human rights organizations not to remain silent against this new wave of oppression of blogwriters and activists in Iran and try to stop the execution of Mr. Mehrnahad in any possible way.

The Association of Iranian Blog Writers (Penlog)
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