Sunday, May 01, 2005

Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) Honors May.1st the International Workers' Day

We honor "freedom of speech". The workers are constructors of the tools of speech and regrettably are the least users of those tools to express their problems and matters.

Workers of our country are exploited more, compared to workers in many other countries. They are deprived from their most essential rights such as free and non-governmental trade unions or the right of going on a strike. Struggling to spread and organize "freedom of speech" in it's first step is an effort to provide facilities for workers to speak.

Hoping for the day in which talking about the most elementary rights of workers, would not have harsh consequences; we congratulate all workers and their supporters all over the world on MAY.1st Workers' day.

Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog)


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