Friday, February 25, 2005

Statement of the Association of Iranian Blogwriters regarding imprisonment of Iranian Blogwriter, Arash Sigarchi

Dear fellow blogwriters

While underprivileged people of this country are experiencing disasters repeatedly, either burn in flames or the their roof collapses on them, a young innocent writer is sentenced to fourteen years of imprisonment for mere reason of talking about social injustices in his country.

Should we console the earthquake victims of “Zarand” or comfort the survivors of the “Ark Mosque” fire disaster, or mourn the fortieth day at which all the children in “Lordegan” school burnt to ashes, or protest the strange and unfair sentence of Arash Sigarchi?

We know that we should not expect anything better from a country in which conversing is considered a crime.

Sentencing Mr. Sigarchi, undetermined situation of Mojtaba Smie Nejad and imprisonment of tens of writers and bloggers is the other side of the crisi coin. For a country without critics no better situation could be expected than what is happening in Iran right now.

We strongly protest sentencing Mr. Sigarchi and the undetermined situation of Mojtaba Samie Nejad and will do everything in our power to free them. We will use all our facilities to help those affected by the earthquake in Zarand.


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