Monday, March 14, 2005

Statement of the Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) to the assembly of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, Geneva

Honorable members of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, Participants of the 14 March 22 April 2005 Assembly, Geneva.,

The Iranian government is a member of the United Nations and has accepted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as an international obligation. However,the Iranian government vastly abuses this universal declaration. In particular the government in Iran systematically and repeatedly violates article nineteen, which guarantees the freedom of expression and free exchange of ideas, beliefs and information.

After the major shut-down of press, in particular newspapers, the youth, writers and reporters, started to use the only present window, namely writing in internet news-sites and blogs to communicate their ideas. Once again the Iranian government is violating article nineteen, ” Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”, by systematic censorship of Internet sites, as well as persecution, arrest and imprisonment of web-reporters and Blogwriters. Some of the present facts are as follows:

-Ongoing summon and arrest of Blogwriters and reporters critical of the government. The last case was arrest of Blogwriters Mrs. Najme Omid-Parvar and her husband, Mr. Mohamad Reza Nasab-Abdullahi. Mrs. Omid-Parvar is pregnant, which makes her arrest and her conditions more critical.
-Continuous issue of long-term sentences for reporters and Blogwriters. The last case was a fourteen year sentence for Mr. Arash Sigarchi, a young Iranian blogwriter and reporter.
-Accusing the prisoners with false and fabricated charges and forcing admission to counterfeit allegations using torture. The latest case is Mr. Mojtaba Sami Nejad, a young Iranian blogwriter, who now, in his second arrest , has been accused with apostasy. The sentence for apostasy is execution in Iran and many young opponents of the regime have been executed solely on apostasy charge.

News similar to the abovementioned issues is broadcasted daily by national and international press.

Therefore the Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) urges the United Nations to use its only pressure means, the Human Rights Commission, to force the Iranian government to observe article nineteen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog)
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (penlog) honors International Women's Day ,8 March.

Freedom of thought and equal rights for all human beings are among the main articles and are the ultimate goal of the constitution of the Association of Iranian Blogwriters. As the International women’s day, 8 March, approaches, the Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) honors this day and declares full support for women's movements for equal rights.Penlog also fully supports the Women’s day meeting, to be held in Iran on March 8th.

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters demands the stop to all forms of legal and illegal violation of women’s rights and demands legalization and recognition of equal rights for Iranian women. The establishment of Women’s commission in the Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) is a further sign of Penlog’s particular attention to the issues faced by Iranian women.

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) will do all in its power to eliminate all forms of sexual inequity, establishment of freedom and equality for men and women, as long as such discriminations exist.

Happy women’s day to all, especially to women blogwriters.

The Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog)
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Monday, March 07, 2005

Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog) protests the arrest of Najme Omid Parvar

Najme Omid Parvar, writer of the blog ”Tolu-e Azadi” and spouse of Mohamad Reza Abdullahi Nasab , who is also an imprisoned blogwriter, was arrested on February 28, 2005 by Iranian intelligence officers.

We are concerned about well-being of a pregnant Najme Omid Parvar, in light of previous reports on mistreating and torture of arrested blogwriters.

Penlog expresses strong objection and grave concern over arrest of this blogwriter couple. We are also concerned about well-being of all arrested Iranian blogwriters Arash Sigarchi, Mojtaba Sami-e Nejad and Mojtaba Lotfi , who are still in custody.

We urge all freedom lovers and human rights activists to protect and follow up on the situation of arrested Iranian blogwriters.
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